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ABOUT – Fayron


FAYRON was founded and created in 2020 and 2021, during the worldwide Corona Virus Pandemic. Whilst at home, along with many others, we realized the importance of a home, where one can feel safe and protected in uncertain times. We used this discovery, along with our love for development, interior design and building to provide a service that allows the consumer to completely design their own spaces at affordable prices without compromising quality.

FAYRON was designed as a family business with the community in mind. Our name originated from our granny’s second names, Norma FAY and Margaret ShaRON, this combination of their names brought together the idea of home and comfort! What screams ‘home-y’ more than a pair of grannies? We are proud that our family forms part of our business and have wanted to expand that pride into our community. Therefore all our products are locally sourced.  Enjoy browsing through our products, and maybe you will find a piece of your family-members hard work!